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December 9, 2006

Student Leads Fight for Butt Cleavage Rights

Butt cleavage, ass cleavage - man leads fightPerriman practicing his right to booty-flaunt

(Ann Arbor, MI) Tired of disapproving looks from parents and teachers, and angry at attempts by legislators to outlaw exposed rear ends, University of Michigan sophomore Tyler Perriman has decided to fight back.

In response, the 20-year-old activist has created an organization called American Students Safeguarding Our Underwear Technique (ASSOUT), which is dedicated to preserving the rights of people who prefer to wear their pants low, showing off their gluteal cleft.

"Who is the Moral Majority to tell me how to wear my pants?" asked Perriman, standing with fellow protesters on a busy Ann Arbor corner. "And is my ass crack really that offensive? At least I wax the damn thing, which is more than I can say about some of those snooty old women with those hairy upper lips. Ugh! Can you imagine kissing one of those furry beasts?"

Several states, including Louisiana and Texas, have attempted to pass legislation outlawing low-slinging, pants-sagging, belly-baring, or underwear-peeking pants. Perriman said that these efforts "clearly violate" the U.S. Constitution.

"It infringes on our freedom of expression and our privacy rights," he said, referring to the First and Fourth Amendments. "Plus, I think ass crack is just plain sexy, and nobody seems to care much when chicks show regular boob cleavage."

Butt cleavage and breast cleavage should be rightsJust a line between some flesh, so what's the big deal?

Perriman said the group plans some "high-profile" demonstrations in the coming weeks to highlight the issues of "free booty rights" and "butt crack equity."

"We'll be hitting the local malls during the holidays, a little deal we call 'Drop While You Shop,'" he said of the low-riding retail campaign. "And we'll be making presentations at local and state political offices to make sure our legislators understand that 'we're here, we're sheer, and we like to show our rear.'"

A shoutout to ASSOUT!
I totally disagree, breast cleavage is one thing but butt cleavage?!? I don't think so! Butt cleavage is out right disgusting, you do not poop from your breasts! Pants are supposed to be worn to cover up your butt not flaunt it. It is totally disrespectful to others as well as to yourself to show that part of the body in public. Now if your in an area like a nude beach that I can understand - but have the dignity for yourself & for your elders - no one wants to see your ass crack!
Way to be dude.

-If you can be told what you can see or read, then it follows that you can be told what to say or think. Defend your constistutionally protected rights, no one else will do it for you-
Boards of Canada
Yay for "butt crack equity." It's about time asses and boobs were treated equal.
don't really care much one way or the other but lots of campus women who show off the BC (butt cleavage) shouldn't be doing it in the first place because its kind of scary. I think that there should first be some kind of review committee established to approve intended demonstration of said cleavage - we don't want to harm the environment or cause blindness by ugliness.
sorry I didn't get to finish my previous comment. if a chick has a tasty looking derriere then I'm all for it. Guys and big boned gals should be locked up if they try to show off their "plumbers crack" in public.
The ASS should get the same "Air Play" as any other cleavage. America is country of PC Prudes. Get real, it's an ass. Everybody has one. Are you afraid to show it? And to hide your shame, your forcing everybody else to hide theirs? If it's seen on the beach, why is it different on the street? You want to ban something - how about violence. Showing some skin is at least showing one less place to hide a weapon. Homeland security should be more behind showing some more skin!
What do you mean "no one wants to see ass crack" ? I DO!! Bring it on, I think nothing is sexier than a hot girl walking down the street and you can see a little asscrack. HOT!!!
That's what he poops with.
Ah, yes. Mom and dad must be so proud.
By Anonymous Coward:

"sorry I didn't get to finish my previous comment. if a chick has a tasty looking derriere then I'm all for it. Guys and big boned gals should be locked up if they try to show off their "plumbers crack" in public."

So what you're saying really is you're a discriminatory bigot?
Poor baby up there thinks it's gonna offend s/he's elders? I'm an "elder" and am all for it. If it's good looking I look. If not, I go to the farmers market.
Looks like he just wants to show off the scars from the ass-whooping MU got from Ohio State a couple of weeks ago.
What is so wrong with displaying cleaving skin? Armpit flesh cleaves, ass does that of the elbow, knees, lower ankles (or, all of the ankle for our hefty-ass friends), at the groin, neck, toes, eyelids, ears, chin (for some) and fingers.

All cleaving skin should be treated equally.

I mean, don't we have bigger priorities for our lawmakers than asscleavage?
I find that I must agree with mobile yuppie.
Let the ass have a little air.
Muck Fichigan
Funny how this guy is all about ass, when he's such an incredible boob. This cause isn't absurdly humorous; it's totally asinine.

Is he a First Amendment Warrior? No, he's just another idiot, and those aren't an endangered species. Pull up your pants and STFU.
this is an interesting argument- in the end its that sam old rebel without a clue on both sides of teh board- the politicians start this to get votes from the elderly or moral majority or whomever and seek to ban something- and when the "masses" rise up in protest they change their minds- they play both sides of the fence- bunch of stupid liberal bisexual fence riders if you ask me- i dislike politicians- but honestly as far as im concerned- show ur ass if you want to- dont if you dont- if im in the mood to look i might- but dont be offended if i do, because you asked for it by showing it, and dont be offended if i dont, because thats not all im about- and for ANYONE to waste what precious little short bit of life we get on this green earth truly worrying about something as inconsequential as whether or not they or anyone else can show a little ass crack= then this is a person i truly pity-
only some idiot art major at michigan could have enough time to think up something this stupid. quality students up there in that state up north!
Once again another fascinating idea from higher education. I'm not sure why we should take anything serious from people that are drunk for 5-6 years straight, and live like hobo's. I know it's a four year degree, but most of you do not make it in four years. And remember, the fat guy with the hairy asscrack will have the same right to display his.
Lots of people holding prejudices and jumping to conclusions here. I think it's an awesome idea - people are discouraged from showing ass, but women are constantly objectified and encouraged to show boob. I have a personal theory as to why, but I can't post it here. Suffice it to say that nay-sayers are most likely threatened because they're not secure in their sexuality.
I don't really think it needs to be defended, personally. Most legislators aren't corrupt enough to make laws saying that you can be ticketed for the said offense. At the same time, I don't think we should be trying to make this into a cultural fad, because as a heterosexual male I cannot help but say I'm just not interested in the cracks of other guys.
Breast cleavage and bras are becoming very over-done. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm tired of seeing them.

Give me a good ass shot and a little thong, and I'm a kid in a candy store.

Has to be on a good looking girl though. If you are over a buck fifty, feel free to show your ass too, someone will enjoy it.....I think?

Funny post, and a cool site!
65 cent says : Boy you need some crack spackle!
So the boy likes boys. Butt crack sexy? I dont think so.
Does anyone have an email or phone number for this dude? I'm with MTV in Canada and want to book a phone interview with him today. Thanks!
The moral decay in America is just getting worse. I have to ask myself "what would granny do?" If she would get out her belt and beat me with it before she forced me to put it on to hold my pants up then.....
Have some self respect and respect for others. There is NO need to go around showing your ass crack.
"But if it feels good do it...." and all the other moral jugments do have an affect... fine show your ass crack.. be a slut.. but do not come crying to me because you want me (tax money) to pay for you morning after pill or abortion or welfare because you have 3 kids with 3 different dads and they are all in jail... you might ask yourself "where did I go wrong?" Well this is one place to start... just wait we will have some ass crack lover saying next he should be able to have his balls hang out of his shorts because it "feels soooo goood" and make me confortable about who I am.....
What a bunch of SHIT!
Like I said would Granny want to see this?
Plumbers crack is universal phenomene
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