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July 7, 2006

Grad Student “Shocked” at Presence of Gray Pubic Hair

grad student with gray pubic hairLeft: Courtier not pleased

(Ann Arbor, MI) While climbing out of the shower last week, Megan Courtier made a “life-changing” discovery: the sudden appearance of a gray hair in her nether regions.

The second-year sociology doctoral candidate confided her secret shame to Codependent Collegian reporters.

“I’m only 26, so there’s no good reason for this to be happening to me,” she sobbed. “I may never be able to be intimate with a man ever again.”

The particular location of the stray gray hair was especially disconcerting to Courtier.

“If it was on the top of my head I might never have noticed it, and it could have even made me look more professional,” she said, looking away. “But down there?!?!? Now I look like a wrinkled old whore.”

Courtier admitted that she was “clueless” as to her next moves.

“I’ve heard that two more will grow if I pluck this one,” she said. “And I also heard that the hair-color companies put a gray-promoting chemical in their dyes to make you have to keep buying more and more ‘Gray-B-Gone.’”

The hair problem has also strained her relationship with fellow Michigan grad student and boyfriend Matt Steenberg, said Courtier.

“Matt hasn’t even touched me since I showed him yesterday,” she said. “But there is no way I am going to live a lie. He’ll either have to love me for who I am or get the hell out.”

May I suggest the Gillette Mach 3 Turbo?
... right . . and why do I care?
with a face like this, that hair is the least of your worries. You should be grateful he agreed to date you in the first place.
i hope your boobs are big & juicy otherwise you might face problems with other men , btw you look decent enough for

take care baby
unbelievable that ya'all put your actual names and faces with this stuff!!! wow. hope it doesn't follow you forever; silly stuff, really. you're a beautiful girl; you shouldn't let this silly thing bother you. And that plucking myth is a lie. When I was 14, I had a grey hair on my head, plucked it out, never grew back, and I'm twice that age now. but plucking down there can be rather painful, eh? anyway, don't worry about that grey crap with the dye, just DON'T get dye where it shouldn't go; careful, kay?? and who knows who all these anonymous people are. i'm anonymous too, pretty much, but they aren't even bloggers. easy for them to come out and make comments to a person who's name and face is visible. they suck! (sorry, but you do, no offense!! except the last one at LEAST sort of complimented you. ok and the first, you are fine too, offering suggestions but #3, how rude!!!) okay that's all. :) hope you have a nice day!
ok, my bad, this has got to all be a joke, ok. i'd personally be pissed if someone did this to me! you know, what goes around, comes around...all in good humor *wink*
Its not that bad. There are plenty of things you can do to get rid of those gray hairs. You could get a wax, use a hair removal product or even dye those hair. There are products made especially to dye the hair down there.
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